Sustainability is more than a buzz word for us; it's within the Work Shy DNA. From where we source our fabrics, to who we collaborate with and the methods we use, every step of your jacket's journey is taken with the smallest carbon footprints.


Our cotton is sourced from the Organic Cotton Co. based nearby in Machynlleth in mid-Wales, while all of the dying is done at the Work Shy studio using low impact eco friendly Procion MX dyes.


All of our labels are printed locally in Cardiff cutting down on unnecessary transport, and we make every effort to manage waste produced whilst manufacturing by repurposing excess fabric and off cuts. By doing this, alongside our free repairs for life service, we are aiming to close the loop of endless waste of disposable fashion.  




At Work Shy we believe we are responsible for our garments' whole life cycle; not just the design, manufacture and sales.


Our end of life policy includes a buyback initiative. When you’re finally finished with your jacket, we’ll take it back and either recycle or repurpose it. Even better, we'll offer a £30 Work Shy voucher in return, regardless of the jacket's condition.


To enquire about the scheme feel free to drop us an email at:

With subject - “Work Shy Buy Back” 




We offer a free repair service because we know our customers work hard. While our jackets are lifelong companions made for the long haul, accidents do sadly happen. When they do, we are here for you. If your Work Shy gets injured, send it back to us and we'll do our best to get it back to full health, and right back onto your shoulders.


How does it work?

  1. Wash your jacket. 
  2. Send it back to us via special delivery to the address below. 
  3. Drop us a line to let us know it's on its way 
  4. Within 4 to 5 weeks, we'll get it back to you.


Emails to be sent to use subject heading - “Work Shy Repairs”